French fun

It’s never too early (or too late!) to start learning another language. In honour of National French Language Day on March 20, we’ve compiled some games and resources to start learning and practicing French together at home. What’s the weather like today? No matter where you are or how old you are, the topic ofContinue reading “French fun”

Who is in charge? Why adults need to lead.

Join us for a virtual educational meeting with Dr. Deborah MacNamara Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021, 7:30 pm A growing number of children are presenting as demanding, prescriptive, bossy and controlling. A disturbing number of these alpha children are turning into bullies as well. Alpha children tend to have difficulties letting themselves be parented or taught.Continue reading “Who is in charge? Why adults need to lead.”

5 Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

Get crafty with your kids this Valentine’s Day with these three easy activities you can do with supplies you already have at home.  1. Cardboard tube heart stamps Make a beautiful art print or handmade Valentine’s day cards with your own heart-shaped stamp. Simply reshape a toilet paper roll into a heart using a bitContinue reading “5 Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers”

International Nutella Day Brownie Recipe

February 5 is international Nutella Day! And if your household is anything like ours, this holiday is one that calls for celebration. While the hazelnut chocolate spread is (a little too) easily eaten by the spoonful, it’s also a delicious flavour in many baked goods. This three-ingredient recipe is perfect to make with your little oneContinue reading “International Nutella Day Brownie Recipe”

Best sledding hills in North Vancouver

Snow is in the forecast for this weekend! With the white stuff falling from the sky, here are the best places to sled with little ones on the North Shore: St. Andrews Park – This central Lonsdale park probably wasn’t even on your radar, right? It has only a teeny tiny little hill. It maybeContinue reading “Best sledding hills in North Vancouver”

Discover LVPPP on Saturday January 30th

We are hosting our annual Open House on Saturday January 30th from 9am-11am.  If you’re looking for an amazing preschool for next year and want to find out more about all the great things that we do at LVPPP, we invite you to book in for your personal tour. This is an opportunity for you to comeContinue reading “Discover LVPPP on Saturday January 30th”