About Us

At over 70 years old, LVPPP is one of the North Shore’s longest running preschools. In 1945, a group of Lynn Valley mothers studied and raised money to finance a playschool for local children. The Lynn Valley Playschool was originally located in the Lynn Valley Community Centre.

In 1962 the old Lynn Valley School gym was scheduled for relocation and the playschool was given notice to vacate the premises. Parents petitioned and the school board granted use of the old schoolhouse where LVPPP resides to this day.

Why Choose LVPIP

Lynn Valley Parent Involvement Preschool is a place where children come to play, investigate, explore, learn, discover and re-discover, build, experiment, create, imagine, inspire others and be inspired themselves.

Here’s what sets our preschool apart.

#1 Enriching play-based curriculum

Children choose activities based on their current interests and learn about the world around them through play. Educators encourage children to engage in a variety of activities, facilitating social, emotional, language, physical, and cognitive development along the way.

#2 Our “Creatures”

Preschoolers at LVPIP have the opportunity to learn about their world through interactions with living creatures and plants. These include ladybugs, snails, stick bugs, squirrels, crows, butterflies, and worms.

#3 Community

One of the best things about our preschool are the connections it fosters.  You and your child will come away with friendships for life and a strong sense of community. We organize regular events throughout the year such as the pumpkin patch, Christmas party, pub night, year end picnic, and more!

#4 Location

Our position at the heart of Lynn Valley means that children can easily go on outings to the library, play soccer on the local field, or for a nature walk through Hastings Creek. There’s never a shortage of fun things to do in the local area.

#5 Facility

Situated in the original Lynn Valley schoolhouse, the two-story building has high ceilings and huge windows for lots of natural light. It also has an extensive outdoor play space where we play in all weather. Some days we even spend all class outside.

#6 Inclusive environment

Our teachers are strong supporters of working with each child as an individual and also working together as a team with that child’s family and therapists. We work closely with Supported Child Development and have resources for families to draw upon including support workers as well as a bursary program.

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“We are lucky to be a part of the LVPPP preschool community. I consider it our ‘village’ that helps us raise our children in a very caring and inclusive environment. Both of my sons attended LVPPP and both are highly sensitive kids who can find their environment overwhelming. It has been heartwarming to see my children were allowed to be who they are. Their uniqueness is celebrated and their individual needs respected and supported every step of the way.”

— The Molotkov Family