School Life

Each day is a different adventure and children never know what they are going to find.  Whether it’s observing chicks hatch or pupae turn into butterflies, or whether they get to squeeze goopy oobleck in their hands, sew, find treasures, or construct aqueducts, preschool life is a constant surprise. Often we head out for a walk and explore our local woods, creeks and fields.

There is generally a mixture of indoor and outdoor play. On nicer days, classes are usually held entirely out of doors.  Our key outside spaces like sandbox, snack area and craft table are covered with tarps and keep little explorers dry even in most serious of downpours.

Children are encouraged to be independent and make their own decisions.  Children are never told what they should play with – they choose from what has been unveiled for the day.  They bring their own snacks to school and are encouraged to eat during snack time with their peers.   They can get as messy and dirty as they want – which is why they come dressed in “play clothes” and always have a full change of clothing on site :-).

LVPIP is a magical place for three to five-year-old.  It is where they will learn to love school and where you will learn to be involved and support them in their school life.
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