Cray Cray for Crayons

March 31 is National Crayon Day and we’ve compiled some fun activities for you to do with your littles. So bust out your crayons and let’s draw this month to a close in style.

DIY Crayons

Give new life to old and broken crayons by melting them down into cute shapes. All you need are a pile of broken crayons and some inexpensive ice cube moulds and you’ll be back to colouring with like new crayons in no time.

Crayon Watercolour Art

This craft involves using a bit of heat, but the result is really pretty! Create a watercolour look on canvas by melting crayons and watch your artwork come to life. Just make sure to keep tiny fingers away from the heat source.

Crayon Wax Transfer Art

For this craft, you simply completely colour a piece of paper using different colours of crayon. Next, you flip the coloured paper face down onto another piece of blank paper. Using a pencil or a ballpoint pen, draw on the paper. When you are done, separate the two pieces of paper to reveal your new colourful sketch.

Crayon Resist Space Art

For this activity all you need is crayons, black watercolour paint, a paintbrush, cardstock and a few paper towels. Using your crayons, colour a space scene on the cardstock. Then paint over the entire piece of paper with your black paint. The paint will not adhere to the crayon, leaving you with a piece of art that is out of this world!

Which of these activities would you like to try?