Letters from our Presidents and Teachers

Warmest welcome to all new and returning families to our LVPPP community. I cannot emphasize enough the promise and potential of this school to create a lasting impact on family life in Lynn Valley. This year, both Presidents are relatively new to the neighbourhood. When I moved here in 2019, I chose LVPPP because I recognized the waysContinue reading “Letters from our Presidents and Teachers”

Year end letter from our teachers

Here we go another year almost over! Where did the time go? It is not like it just disappeared, because we have seen the children grow and thrive in our programme. Our classes have come a long way since back in September and we, as teachers, have also grown and learned throughout the year. WeContinue reading “Year end letter from our teachers”

Best places for mountain biking with your preschooler

My husband started taking my sons up mountain biking on Mount Fromme as soon as they could ride a pedal bike. But since my idea of a perfect day out cycling is a flat and preferably paved trail, the gnarly inclines of the North Shore hold little allure. So when I take my cycling madContinue reading “Best places for mountain biking with your preschooler”

Spring Break Activities on the North Shore

With spring break just around the corner, it’s time to start planning some new adventures to fill your days. The North Shore offers some great amenities and activities for you to take advantage no matter what spring weather we are treated to. Here’s a round up some of our favourite local spring break activities forContinue reading “Spring Break Activities on the North Shore”