Best places for mountain biking with your preschooler

My husband started taking my sons up mountain biking on Mount Fromme as soon as they could ride a pedal bike. But since my idea of a perfect day out cycling is a flat and preferably paved trail, the gnarly inclines of the North Shore hold little allure.

So when I take my cycling mad sons out, I go for a happy medium: easy trails with some extra features that help test their technical skills.

If you’re not ready to tackle the big mountain trails with your preschooler, here’s a few places you can try instead:

Digger Park forest – Officially called Lynnmour park but known locally as “Digger Park” this park has it all: winding paths through the forest, roots and bumps to practice going over, and a playground in the field in the middle of it all. It’s just south of Inter River bike park so you could even start with a ride around the pump track.

Windsor Park – This forested area behind Ron Andrews recreation centre has wide, easy paths. It’s easy to do a loop and there’s a few extensions you can explore. If you start and stop at the recreation centre you can even use the playground.

Loutet Park – This park has a wonderful trail which runs all the way from behind Sutherland High school to Loutet farms. There’s a crazy dirt jump track behind the farm where you’ll get a glimpse of the heart stopping feats your kids may one day be attempting if you’re there on a day the older kids are out. The rest of the trail meanders through the forest with some gentle ups and downs, perfect for little cyclists.

Diana Davis, LVPPP President

Where are your favourite preschool bike haunts?

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