Year end letter from our teachers

Here we go another year almost over! Where did the time go? It is not like it just disappeared, because we have seen the children grow and thrive in our programme. Our classes have come a long way since back in September and we, as teachers, have also grown and learned throughout the year.

We are so pleased in the way we were able to keep the programme going strong and all of us keeping healthy within our environment. I know we have missed parts of our school space, with our classes, but we have done so much more in our wonderful outdoor space.

Our children will be stronger and more aware of their surroundings after enduring these difficult times. Libby and I have made use of every corner of the playground, pulling so much together from our cupboards of inventory and realizing that our ideas have worked well. We should be thankful for getting through this as a group. It has been possible only with your support and your ongoing commitment and participation within our programme.

For our graduating class:

This year especially, I feel that our 5 year olds, or soon to be, have been able to tread in the footsteps of Dr. Seuss’ book titled “Oh the places you will go”. We have taken them to places that they have explored, the forest and its stumps, the field and its openness, the creek and its banks, the labrynth and its path. They were able to use spaces creatively, so congratulations to you all. Carry these memories with you wherever you go. Keep on asking the questions and reaching further for the answers, you will all go far.

Cheers to the classes of 2020/2021. Hip hip hooray!

Your teachers,

T. Liz and T. Libby

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