Letters from our Presidents and Teachers

Warmest welcome to all new and returning families to our LVPPP community. I cannot emphasize enough the promise and potential of this school to create a lasting impact on family life in Lynn Valley. This year, both Presidents are relatively new to the neighbourhood. When I moved here in 2019, I chose LVPPP because I recognized the ways in which the school could give back to me and my children. We visited an open house where all my children were welcomed and had the opportunity to snuggle baby chicks (magic!). My efforts through parent participation have paid off in new friendships, special moments on duty, and new strategies to approach common parenting dilemmas. As my son Ryan begins Kindergarten we only have to look around the playground to see familiar faces. The preschool is well known by so many and LVPPP alumni families are always springing out of the woodwork.  I’m excited for my youngest to begin preschool this year. Every year at the school is different – parents bring new ideas, experiences, and perspectives to build a school that is always changing and growing. I look forward to meeting more engaged parents and continuing to work with and learn from our amazing Teachers Libby and Liz. Last year has shown us that we are more than equal to the challenge of COVID, that the Parent Participation model is valued, relevant and adaptable, and that the magic of LVPPP is still thriving after 76 years in Lynn Valley. Let’s make it another great one!

Laura Collings (Co-President and Brandon’s Mama, 3s Class)

Welcome to all of our wonderful families!

I hope you have all had a lovely summer break. As the summer days come to an end we are all looking forward to beginning a new year at the preschool. Liz and I are working toward creating a fun, exciting, and safe environment for the children and families of our wonderful preschool community. 

I look forward to seeing everyone and I am excited for a new year ahead. 

Teacher Libby 

Hello everyone.We have all had a great holiday and we look forward to seeing you at preschool. Are you ready for lots of fun, building, painting, playing , running, swinging, and lots of exploring. We will have lots of friends to play with the Teachers will help you if you need anything.

See you soon,

Teacher Liz