5 Easy Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

Get crafty with your kids this Valentine’s Day with these three easy activities you can do with supplies you already have at home. 

1. Cardboard tube heart stamps

Make a beautiful art print or handmade Valentine’s day cards with your own heart-shaped stamp. Simply reshape a toilet paper roll into a heart using a bit of tape, dip into some paint, and stamp away! 

2. Baking cup flower bouquet

Make your own bouquet using items around the house including baking cups, green masking tape, thin wire, and a lollipop. How sweet would a bouquet of these flowers be?

3. Fingerprint heart rocks

All you need to make these adorable keepsakes are rocks, red paint and a black marker. You can even go on a rock hunt outside to find the perfect rocks to paint. 

4. Valentine’s playdough

This playdough recipe looks pretty and smells great! The classic homemade playdough recipe is kicked up a notch by adding colourful koolaid packets and glitter. Have fun mixing the ingredients together and using heart shaped cookie cutters to make pretty Valentine’s Day creations. 

5. Heart stickers activity

This easy activity is easy to pull together and will keep your toddler busy. Draw coloured hearts on paper and tape them to the wall. Then get your child to match up coloured dot stickers to the same colour heart. This activity is great for practicing sorting, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. 

What are your favourite Valentine’s Day activities?

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