Who is in charge? Why adults need to lead.

Join us for a virtual educational meeting with Dr. Deborah MacNamara

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021, 7:30 pm

A growing number of children are presenting as demanding, prescriptive, bossy and controlling. A disturbing number of these alpha children are turning into bullies as well. Alpha children tend to have difficulties letting themselves be parented or taught. This is making the child-adult dance much more difficult than it used to be or needs to be, despite the plethora of advice-giving and strategies available today. The surprising roots of the alpha complex will be examined, opening the doors for lasting change in the family, classroom, and society.

Dr. Deborah MacNamara provides counselling and educational services to parents and professionals based on the relational-developmental approach of Dr. Gordon Neufeld. She is on Faculty at the Neufeld Institute and presents on all of the Neufeld material. She is also the director of Kid’s Best Bet, a Counselling and Family Resource Center. 

This talk is part of Lynn Valley Parent Participation Preschool’s parent education series. Current families, alumni and the public are welcome to attend this free webinar.

Please RSVP to infolvppp@gmail.com to receive your Zoom invitation.

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