Best sledding hills in North Vancouver

Snow is in the forecast for this weekend! With the white stuff falling from the sky, here are the best places to sled with little ones on the North Shore:

St. Andrews Park – This central Lonsdale park probably wasn’t even on your radar, right? It has only a teeny tiny little hill. It maybe doesn’t quite count as a hill; it’s more of a mound. But if you’ve got really little kids, it’s an ideal spot to give them an introduction to what happens when gravity, snow and a slippery material come together. It was my favorite park year round when my boys were age 1 and 3 and a great introduction to snow without big crowds or crazy hills for them to navigate.

Carisbrooke Park – Near the top of Lonsdale Avenue, Carisbrooke Park has one of the best hills for sledding. The runs are steep and long enough to pick up speed without hurling your children into out of control chaos. But they’re not so long that their little legs get tired too quickly of walking back uphill. 

Ray Perrault Park – This Grand Boulevard gem has loads of short, steep sledding options, which makes for a nice ratio of sliding to hill climbing. It’s a popular spot, though,  especially when schools let out.

Cleveland Park – Up near Grouse Mountain, this tucked away park also has the perfect combination of good gradients and long runs.

Where are your favourite local spots to sled?

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