7 Simple chores your preschooler should help with

Chores are a daily fact of family life. Indeed, for the first few years of their life babies and toddlers seem only to contribute an endless mountain of laundry, mess, and cooking. The good news is that once they hit preschool age, children can finally start to take on some basic household responsibilities.

It’s nice to know that there’s light at this endless tunnel of domestic duties. But, according to child development experts, it’s also good for children. 

Psychologists believe that chores can help children develop a sense of self confidence, a feeling of contribution, and competence as they hone useful life skills.

So if you want a little extra hand around the house while helping your children grow into competent and considerate young people, consider tasking your preschooler with some of these chores:

#1: Tidying up their toys – Tired of stepping on stray Lego pieces? Make it a habit to get your kids to clean up their toys at the end of the day.

#2: Putting their dishes in the dishwasher – You might need to help them rinse their plates but your children can easily learn to put their own dishes in the dishwasher.

#3: Emptying the utensils from the dishwasher – They probably can’t reach all the cupboards for the plates and cups but emptying the utensil holder into a drawer is an easy win.

#4: Putting their own laundry away – How little children generate so many dirty clothes has always been a mystery to me. Reduce your workload by getting them to put their laundry back in their drawers. Bonus points if you teach them how to fold it themselves too.

#5: Sorting the recycling – Good for the planet and a good sorting task for them. Just make sure that you haven’t recycled a bunch of artistic treasures when you ask them to go through it!

#6: Vacuuming – If your child likes power tools, what better one is there than a vacuum cleaner? Let them loose on a room with a powerful cleaning machine and sit back and enjoy the results.

#7: Hanging up their own jacket – Do your kids leave piles of crumpled, wet clothes on the floor at the front door? Get a couple of coat hooks hung low enough for them to hang up their own jackets (and encourage them to use it every time they come in the house).

Diana Davis, LVPPP President

What other chores do you get your preschooler to help with around the house? 

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