Year End Letter from our Teachers

Well here we are in the first week of December. Who would have guessed life would be like it is, this time last year! First and foremost, our children and families need praising for their perseverance and support each day. We, as teachers, see those faces come to the playground and we automatically smile within.

During the past four months, we have seen ourselves evolve into a very creative group. Our outdoor play has become the usual but with a sense of imagination. Our perimeters are there but we have been able to work together and encourage the children, to extend their imagination and interest and be able to see the best of what we can offer. Our space has been used to it’s potential and if we must, then we can still work on improvement and change.

Let us hope that by January some things will be coming back to normality and we can continue on with seeing the groups grow and become more independent. With this, they then can show us how they have learned from our ideas and their own interactions with each other. The New Year will bring changes for us all. Let us hope for continued enthusiasm from us all. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Teacher Libby and Teacher Liz 

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