A Preschool Christmas for Lynn Valley Care Centre

So 2020 didn’t exactly go as planned. Who would have thought that this year would see a once in a century pandemic and the shutting down of society as we know it? It certainly wasn’t predicted in any fortune cookie I was eating.

It’s been a tough and strange year for all of us but our senior citizens have been particularly hard hit. They have the dual problem of being most at risk from the virus and also most impacted by the restrictions put in place to protect them. 

This Christmas we would like to show our love to these wonderful members of our community who have been so adversely affected. Our preschool will be preparing a packet of Christmas cards and art from the children for residents of Lynn Valley Care Centre, the first care home to be hit by the devastating impacts of the Coronavirus.

We will be delivering the cards on Friday, December 11 and staff will quarantine the cards and art before distributing them to the residents. As it’s such a nice time of year to think of others, we’d like to open it up to preschool alumni and families in the community who want to get involved. 

If you’d like to submit a card or artwork from your children, please place it in an envelope marked “Christmas art project” and drop it through the mail slot (3220 Mountain Highway) by 9 am on Friday December 11.

Thank you,

Diana Davis, LVPPP President

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