A smile can be socially distanced

Learning how to make friends and build relationships is one of the most important things that children learn preschool. While it’s difficult to measure objectively, the ability to create and maintain connections with others can be a tremendous source of future success and happiness. 

Yet, as adults, it’s easy to forget how to reach out and make new connections. The message is perhaps particularly poignant this year when we’ve had to stay apart and close ourselves off from many of those relationships that would normally nourish us. 

This video, shared by teacher Liz, is a reminder of how reaching out to others we may pass in our days can help us all be a little less lonely. And, of course, the experts in the video are the children: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Pm12mTIUJss

It may seem reminiscent of a bygone era to watch strangers having a close conversation but remember: a smile works just as well from 2 metres away.

Diana Davis, LVPPP President

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