Giant Alien Pumpkin Comes to Queensbury

What’s 923 pounds, shaped like an alien and took a crane to move from a North Shore resident’s backyard last weekend? Why it’s a giant pumpkin, of course! And for families looking for a little extra Halloween spirit, it’s a spectacle guaranteed to amaze your pre-schooler.

As reported in the North Shore News, Queensbury resident Jeff Pelletier normally grows his gargantuan gourds for the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth Competition held in Langley. But this year the competition was cancelled because of Covid.

So Pelletier (who lives in the 600 block of East 7th Street) decided to show off the giant in his front yard. But he thought he’d improve upon mother nature by hiring a master carver to transform it first  into an alien.

I took my boys (4 and 5 years old) by the other day and it provided a good 15 minutes of excitement and a couple of fun pictures. It probably doesn’t count as a destination in its own right (afterall, it’s just an overstuffed piece of organic matter) but if you combine it with a visit to the zip line at Moodyville Park or a scooter ride up and down Grand Boulevard, you’ve got the makings of a fun autumn day out.

The gigantic pumpkin will be on display in Pelletier’s front garden until Halloween – so you better hurry if you fancy catching a glimpse of the oversized alien fruit before it’s gone.

Diana Davis, LVPPP President